September 29, 2023

City of Pearls

Hyderabad is Known as The City of Pearls


The Pearl Is Nature’s Miracle Gemstone, Pearl is a symbol of Purity,  Pearl is worn as stone for astrological Benefits ans Jewelry. Fine quality natural pearls are very rare jewels

 it is a Marine Jewel. This Natural Gemstone comes From Reaction to the intrusion of  foreign body by oyster type, shelled sea musculus, some fresh water mussels and fresh water snails. Pearls can be achieved Many colors like white, cream, pink, pale yellow, and cream.  It has many names like Moti, Induratna, Mukta. Pearl is  helpful to maintains the Stability of our minds is proven extremely useful. According to astrology Pearl is the Birthstone for those born in the month of June. 

Pearls Sizes

Pearls Available in Many Sizes, The Largest Pearl Found 1800 Gms weight, in South Kensington Geological Museum in London. This Pearl Weighs 450 Karats and 50.8 Meters Long and Drop Shaped. 

Pearl necklace looks gorgeous for any woman.

Pearl’s bracelet, pearls ring, pearl set, pearl ear rings and many ornaments and designs are will steal every womans heart.

Pearls Trading In India

India is a key player culture in the business of pearl culture, demand of pearls in India is increasing, but their supply’s from nature have redused due to pollution. India is importing large amount of cultured pearls every year from international market to local demand.

India has Traditionally Never been a pearl producing Region. And India’s main Pearl Trading center is Not Hyderabad,  But Mumbai. Nizam Rulers was Greatly Favored Pearl Trading. 

From Qutub Shahi Dynasties Life style also made them bring pearls craftsman From All over the world and they engaged in making Beautiful Pearl Jewelery at Hyderabad.


Who Should wear a Pearl?  

According to Astrology Pearl is a Birthstone For Cancer sun sign Rashi (born between 22 June-22 July). And Anyone can wear Pearl stone. In Generally worn on the Right Hand little finger and should be worn on Monday Morning.

Benefits of Pearls?

Pearl grants the power of Moon it brings Courage, Calmness, and Peace for who wears a Pearl.

And No negatives for the wearer. It Produces Positive Energy for those who lost all hopes in life. Pearl Stone Enhance Practice of meditations with higher concentration. For Physical  Body, Pearl can help reduce heat in the body and balance the bodily fluids. Many Diseases may cure By wearing a Pearl. many diseases like mind problem, chest disease, Eyes problems laziness loss of memory etc. may cure by wearing a pearl 

Price of Pearls?

Pearls Prices Are Depends on Quality, Carat, color, Spots. Natural Pearls are Very Rare. That prices are in India Rs.30000- 70000 Per Carat.

Second Quality Pearls are South sea Pearls prices from – Rs.1000-5000 Per Carat.

How to Buy?

Many Dealers sells the un-Natural, Systematic Pearls, Before Buying Pearl Check The Lab Certification mentioning that authenticity. In Laad Bazar Near Charminar Many Variety of Pearls and other Precious Stones Sold. it also available in many online stores. But definitely, buy pearls at Hyderabad.

How to know Original Pearl?

  1. Touch Test: When we Hold on a Hand Real Pearls are noticeably very cool like the marble floor.
  2. Synthetic Pearls are warm up very quickly in room temperature
  3. Real Pearls are not perfectly in spheres they are different types like baroque pearls and circle pearls. Every pearl won`t be the same. If pearls look perfectly round, there’s a chance of artificial.
  1. Natural pearls can distinguished from imitation pearls using a microscope. 
  2. Scratch Test: Original Pearl could not change its color when we scratch the pearl.

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